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Karnataka Regional Youth Commission (KRYC) is under the leadership of Karnataka Regional Catholic Bishop's Council (KRCBC). Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore is the President of KRCBC and also the president of KRYC.

It is one of the 18 Regional Commissions of the KRCBC. Read more

Most Rev. Dr. Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary Diocese is the present Chairman of the Karnataka Regional Youth Commission.

Rev. Fr. Mari Joseph is the present KRYC Secretary, ICYM and YCS/YSM Regional director and MIJARC Regional Chaplin.

The Karnataka Regional Youth Commission office is placed in Regional Pastoral Centre, Bangalore.

The church in India as a whole is divided into 13 regions and the Karnataka state is one such region.

The Karnataka state has 14 Dioceses and is known as “Karnataka Region”.

The dioceses in the Region are:

1. Bangalore
5. Bhadravati
9. Mandya
13. Shimoga
2. Belgaum
6. Chikmagalur
10. Mangalore
14. Udupi
3. Bellary
7. Gulbarga
11. Mysore

4. Belthangady
8. Karwar
12. Puttur

The Karnataka Region Catholic Bishop’s Council (KRCBC) The church in India is administered by the Catholic Bishop’s Council of India (CBCI). Under the CBCI for the Karnataka region there is a regional council called as The Karnataka Region Catholic Bishop’s Council (KRCBC) which is the apex body of the church in Karnataka. There are 14 dioceses in the region. The KRCBC is the council of Bishops, Where the regional policy matters are discussed. The KRCBC has 18 commissions and each Commission is headed by a Bishop as chairman. Under the chairmanship of a Bishop the commission has a secretary who is the chief functionary of the commission, along with one or two joint secretaries. During the KRCBC meeting the secretary presents the report and a plan for the future, which will be discussed in the KRCBC and the approval of the Bishops, is obtained. Once the approval is obtained, the secretary guides the Diocese commission secretaries in the implementation of the plans.

There is always a to and fro communication within and among commissions. The commissions separately, as well as under the KRCBC meet at least twice a year. The Karnataka church has a very good network down the line from the Archbishop to the last person in the ward. There is line of communication. Through this network of communication dissemination of information and eliciting the response of all the Stakeholders can be easily done.

In January 1985, the Karnataka Regional Youth Commission (KRYC) came into existence and was officially approved by the Karnataka Regional Catholic Bishops’ Council (KRCBC).

Ever since its existence, under the leadership of several chairman Bishops and Regional secretaries the works of KRYC among the high school students are carried out under the banner of Young Christian Students/Young Students Movement (YCS/YSM) both in the schools and parishes. In parishes of the Catholic Church in Karnataka, Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) is the movement of young people between 15-30 years. In 2004, it got affiliated to another International Movement for Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth known as (MIJARC). Under this movement, efforts are made to train the rural youth in sustainable agricultural practices like animal husbandry, organic farming, introduction of modern technology into farming food security etc., apart from this, other youth movements like AICUF, DON BOSCO HOSANNA YOUTH and JESUS YOUTH etc., work under the umbrella of KRYC. It aims to inspire individual and collective transformation to create positive social change. It coordinates its work in the 14 dioceses, focused on disadvantaged Students, youth and the environment.

The Karnataka Regional Youth Commission (KRYC) is formed keeping in mind the integral Development of a person. The church is concerned about the physical, psychological and Spiritual needs of every individual person. Therefore, social, economic, administrative, cultural, technological and environmental needs of every individual person are focused while forming the pastoral plan. The commission looks at the person from its own Perspective but contributing to the one whole. The commission is working at a common vision for the region and building every person in totality. Thus every person in Karnataka, without prejudice to caste, creed and color would benefit. All round development of all is the ultimate objective of the commission. Hide

KRYC Circular - October 2014

Upcoming Events

Right To Education

Dear Bishop, Directors, Diocesan Youth Council Members and REXCO Members,
The Grand success of YUVAJANOTSAVA - 2014 is another achievement feather to KRYC. In fact the credit goes to everyone. As a diocesan council members you coordinated well to bring in good number of delegates from your Diocese. hope everyone reached back safely. first of all we thank all... More+

Latest News

Diocesan Eexecutive Members Read More
Regional ICYM Executive Members for the Year 2014 - 2015 Read More
Yuvajanotsava Concluding Programme at Mysore
26th Oct, 2014
As the part of concluding programme,“March for Peace and Progress” the youth rally was organized fromSt.JosephCatherdralChurch Mysore Read More
Give Blood which is Meant for Circulation Blood Donation at YUVAJANOTHSAVA – 2014
25th Oct, 2014
On the occasion of 9th Karnataka Regional Youth Convention, YUVAJANOTHSAVA -2014, the blood donation camp was organized on 25th Oct. 2014 at St. Philomena’s... Read More


Bangalore Diocese

KRCBC- Youth Commission 14th Council
23th Aug, 2014 : The KRCBC-Youth Commission 14th Council began at 9.45 am on 23 August, 214, in KROSS, Bangalore. Mr. Cyril Prabhu Regional Boy Representative initiated the programme. Sr. Lovely and team conducted the prayer session. Read More

Karnataka Regional pastoral plan implementation committee (KRPPIC)
30th June, 2014 : Karnataka Regional pastoral plan implementation committee (KRPPIC).Meeting of the Regional Commissions' Secretaries, join secretaries and the Diocesan Coordinators in Regional pastoral centre,Bangalore... Read More

Rev. Fr. Divya Paul
DYD of Bangalore

Belgaum Diocese

Diocese Pastoral Council – Belgaum

Belgaum Mar 8: Rev. Fr. Franklin D’Souza the Regional Youth Director of Karnataka addressed to the Diocese Pastoral Council of Belgaum Diocese on March 2nd 2011. He spoke on YOUTH REALITY today: How to build youth groups in parish, the problems that we encounter and how to move towards the solution.

Belgaum Diocese Youth Retreat

Retreat began on 17th at 10 am with praise and worship Bro. George preached on God’s love. He explained his encounter with the Lord when he was in the film industry. Being a sinner how Jesus loved him, He will surely love all the youth more than me. At 12 pm the Diocese Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado together with 6 priests offered Holy Mass and prayed for the success of the retreat. He also invited the youth to love Jesus and to lead a Holy life. He stressed that Youth have lot of talents and potentiality. We have to contribute in the society and in the church.

Rev. Fr. Harry Victor D`Cruz,
DYD of Belgaum

Belgaum Diocese - YCS / YSM

Diocese Pastoral Council – Belgaum

Belgaum Mar 8: Rev. Fr. Franklin D’Souza the Regional Youth Director of Karnataka addressed to the Diocese Pastoral Council of Belgaum Diocese on March 2nd 2011. He spoke on YOUTH REALITY today: How to build youth groups in parish, the problems that we encounter and how to move towards the solution.

Belgaum Diocese Youth Retreat

Retreat began on 17th at 10 am with praise and worship Bro. George preached on God’s love. He explained his encounter with the Lord when he was in the film industry. Being a sinner how Jesus loved him, He will surely love all the youth more than me. At 12 pm the Diocese Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado together with 6 priests offered Holy Mass and prayed for the success of the retreat. He also invited the youth to love Jesus and to lead a Holy life. He stressed that Youth have lot of talents and potentiality. We have to contribute in the society and in the church.

Rev. Fr. Roshan Santhamayor
Director , YCS / YSM - Belgaum

Bellary Diocese

ICYM Election
21st Sep, 2014: “A Leader Is One Who Knows the Way, Goes the Way, & Shows the Way” As the previous president Mr. Richard passed away, Diocese of Bellary decided to have a ICYM re - election on 21th of September, 2014 at Bishop’s House, Bellary. Read More

Divine Knowledge animation programme
24th - 25th May, 2014: Divine Knowledge animation programme held for youth A two-day summer animation programme for the Catholic youth of Bellary city was held from 24th - 25th May, at Deeksha Bhavan. Over 130 youth participated enthusiastically. The sessions were animated by the Jesus Youth regional team. Read More

Rev. Fr. Alphonse George
DYD of Bellary

Belthangady Diocese

10th Karnataka Regional Youth Commission Council Meeting held at jana Nilaya,Belthangady Diocese.

Belthangady, June 19 : 10th Karnataka Regional Youth Commission (KRYC) council meeting took place in Jana Nilaya the Diocese Pastoral Centre, Diocese of Belthangady On 16th and 17th June 2012. There were 60 members including REXCO and YCS representative, all participated actively in the council. The Council was mainly focused on 8th Regional Convention which will be taking place in Belthangady on 28-30th Sept 2012.

Youth meet held in Jageri Pannur Diocese of Bellary

Bellary Diocese (Jageri Pannur), Feb. 14: Jageri pannur a Small villige parish in the diocese of Bellary consist of 250 christian family was enlighten by the pastoral visit by Bishop Henry D`Souza along with the youth director of the diocese Fr.mari Joseph.The time was fixed to meet youth 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. It was well prepared meeting parish youth president submitted their report of the activities done in parish through youth and submitted their plan for future.

Rev. Fr. Joby pullattu
DYD of Belthangady

Bhadravati Diocese

Leadership Training : August 4th, 2013
August 4th, 2013 : Repponpet parish conducted a leadership training programme for the youth on 4th Oct 2013 at Ripponpet church. 39 ICYM members got benefited by this training programme. Fr. Francis Kulathingal ICYM Zone... Read More

Orientation Program in Shimoga :
24th June, 2013 : 1The Diocese representatives of Bhadravathi and Shimoga met together at SMSSS, Chaitanya from 3.00-5.30pm on Sunday the 20th of June’10. There were 52 ( 26 from Shimoga + 25 from Bhadravathi ) members including Bishops Gerald, Henry D’souza , Read More

Rev. Fr. Francis
DYD of Bhadravati

Chikmagalur Diocese

Indian Catholic Youth Movement
August 9th - 10th, 2013 : The Youth Convention of Chikmagalur began on 9th August, 2013 from 8 am to 10 am registration committee under the leadership of Fr. Vincent D’Souza worked out so well and from 10 to 11 praise and worship and ice breaking session... Read More

Kala Sourabha 2010
Kala Sourabha, a unique cultural contest been a practice in the diocese of Chikmagalur for several years, once again gathered momentum in the International Year of Youth, 2010-2011. The Balehonnur Deanary gathered its young people from 7 out of 10 parishes Read More

Rev. Fr. William Pereira
DYD of Chikmagalur

Gulburga Diocese

Humnabad Zonal ICYM Yuva Sammilana AtItga
21st Sep, 2014 : The ICYM Yuva Sammilana of Humnabad zone in Gulbarga diocese was held on September 21, 2014 at Our Lady of Miracle Church Itga, Bidar. There were 95 youth from four parishes, that is Talmadagi, Humnabad, Itga and Jalasangi were participated in the Yuva Sammilana. Read More

Raktha Runi 2014
9th Sep, 2014 : In a commemoration of the Death Anniversary of Mother Teresa, the ORBIT and ICYM jointly organized a blood donation camp on 5-9-2014 in Gulbarga diocese at ORBIT, Humnabad. District Government hospital incharge Mr. VeernathKanak... Read More

Rev .Fr. Maria Anand sdb
DYD of Gulburga

Karwar Diocese

Career Advancement and Survey Orientaion at KDDC – KARWAR

Karwar Diocese, Aug. 11: On 13th July at 10 am thus program was presided over by Bishop Derek Fernandes of Karwar, and inaugurated by Msrr. Simon Tellis Vicar General of Karwar. Director of KDDC Fr Lawrence Fernandes, Cathedral vicar Fr Chrysostom Rodrigues, Regional Youth director Fr Franklin D’Souza, Mr. Cyril Vaz from KROSS Bangalore, Mrs. Pauline Fernandes, teacher, Karwar Diocese Youth President Mr. Patrick Tellis were guest6 of honor. Fr Ronay D’Souza welcomed the gathering.

ICYM DAY at St. John the Baptist Church, Honmav-Kumta, Karwar Diocese

Karwar Diocese, (St. John the Baptist Church), Oct 25: The ICYM day was celebrated at St. John the Baptist Church, Honmav-Kumta on 25th Oct. Program started with praise and worship led by Bro. William and Bro.T. K. George . Then Bro. T. K. George spoke on “Youth and their Responsibility to the Church, to the Society and in the Family’

Rev. Fr. Roystan Gonzalves
DYD of Karwar

Mandya Diocese

Youth Conveniton Mandya Dicoses
Diocese of Mandya had its second Diocese youth convention on the 27th January, 2013 the venue of which was the infant Jesus cathedral, Hinkal, Mysore. The Read More

ICYM,Youth Day Celebration at Mandya Diocese.
ICYM Diocese of Mandya celebrated the Syro-Malabar Youth day in a grand manner on 8th Sunday, 2012 at Infant Jesus Cathedral, Mysore. The youth delegates from different units and colleges made their way the Cathedral in the wake of the early morning.

ICYM - Youth Programme, Mandya Diocese.
Karnataka is a fertile land for higher education and employment opportunities. The presence of multinational companies and professional educational institutions has created an increased number of migrat

Rev. Fr. Joyson Kizhakkel
DYD of Mandya

Mangalore Diocese ICYM

'Yuvachethan'- Eastern Deanary
31st Aug, 2014: Eastern Deanary-Puttur, of Mangalore Diocese organised Deanary Level 'YUVACHETHAN' a one day youth fest on 31st August 2014 at Mai De Deus Church Hall , Puttur Rev Fr Alfred J Pinto Vivar Vara of Eastern Deanary presided Read More

Yuvasamavesh-2014 of Episcopal City Deanary
10th Aug, 2014: With great Zeal and Enthusiasm ICYM - Episcopal City Deanery of Mangalore Diocese, organized YUVASAMAVESH 2014 on the 10th of August 2014. The Youth of ICYM - Episcopal City Deanery came together under one roof... Read More

Rev . Fr. Ronald Prakash D’souza
DYD of Mangalore

Mangalore Diocese YCS / YSM

Inauguration of YSM
August 31st, 2013 It is for the first time in the history of Mangalore Diocese, the YSM (Young Students Movement) has been introduced on 19th July 2013 in the Pre University College level. The inauguration of the same took place on 31st August 2013 at 9:30AM in our college auditorium. Read More

YCS Annual General Body Meeting
July 14th, 2013 Young Catholic Students (YCS) Mangalore Diocese Annual General Body Meeting, Central Council Election & Unit Office bearers Training Programme 2013-2014 held on 14th July 2013, Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Read More

Rev. Fr. Edwin Vincent Correa D’souza
Director , YSC / YSM - Mangalore

Mysore Diocese

Volunteers and Animators Meeting
5th Oct, 2014 : The Volunteers and Animators meeting was held in St. Philomena’s College Auditorium on Sunday 05/10/2014. It is the last preparation for YUVAJANOTSAVA -2014 to be held on 24th, 25th and 26th of October in Mysore. Read More
Animators and Volunteers Training Programme
He registration was done by Mr. Jacob boy Rep of Mysore diocese .The programme started at 10:30 by the invocation prayer song by Miss. Calvin and team and the Holy scripture reading was done by Miss. Angel Priyanka... Read More

Rev. Fr. J. Anthony Raj
DYD of Mysore

Puttur Diocese

To be Updated

 Rev. Fr. J. Roy Martin
DYD of Puttur

Shimoga Diocese

YCS Review of life Training program at Sorab
20th Sep, 2014 : There was a review-of- life training program being arranged for the YCS members of Sorab parish on 20-09-2014. There were 23 students, 2 animators and 2 DEXCO members present for this program. After the group dynamics the students... Read More

New YCS DEXCO of the diocese of Shimoga
3rd Aug, 2014 : There was an YCS Diocesan council meeting held on 03 August 2014 in view of the formation of New Diocesan Executive Committee for the academic year 2014-2015 at Ragigudda Parish. In order to facilitate the election of the new Diocesan Council... Read More

Rev. Fr. Ronald veigus,
DYD of Shimoga

Udupi Diocese

ICYM Moodubelle unit champions of Kesaradonji Dina events
2nd Oct, 2014 : Bharathiya Catholic Yuva Sanchalan (ICYM), Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Kolalgiri unit organized Kallianpur Deanery and Udupi Deanery level “Yeya Gadyanth Kelovyam” Kesaradonji Dina at Shri Bhaskar Adiga’s pady fields at Uppoor... Read More

ICYM Kallianpur Deanery level Yuva Samagam - 2014 held at Thottam
21st Sep, 2014 : Kallianpur Deanery level Bharathiya Catholic Yuva Sanghaton (ICYM) organized “Yuva Samagam – 2014” at St. Ann’s Church Hall, Thottam near here on Sunday, 21st September, 2014 with great enthusiastic atmosphere... Read More

Rev. Fr.  Edwin D'Souza
Director , ICYM - Udupi

Udupi Diocese YCS / YSM

Udupi Deanery level YCS Talents Day celebrated at Katpady
14th Sep, 2014 : Yuva Catholic Vidhyarthi Sanchalan (YCS) of the Udupi deanery level organized Talents Celebration cum talk on Media at St. Vincent de Paul Church Hall Katapadi near here on Sunday, 14th September, 2014. Read More

Elected President of YCS, Diocese of Udupi
6th July, 2014 : Clive Johns Quadros of Moodubelle Parish elected President of Yuva Catholic Students Sanchalen (YCS) of the Udupi Diocese central committee for the year 2014/15 while Jeenal Saldanha of Pamboor Church... Read More

Rev. Fr.  Edwin D'Souza
Director , YCS / YSM - Udupi


“AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation) is a movement of university student with a vision for a new and just society. Progressing in a history of constant re-discovery and re- creation. AICUF ever tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the university, the church and the wider society”

Aims and objectives

a. To motivate students to engage in studies, research and other activities linked to broader socio-economic and political issues with a view to becoming a creative and critical force within the college/university.

Rev. Fr. Brian pereira
State Advisor

Don Bosco Youth

BOSCO Youth Cultural Exchange
1st - 3rd November, 2013 : Don Bosco Hassan throbbed with youthful feats as it hosted Cul – Ex – IV 2013 from 1 to 3 November with the theme “Unity in Diversity.” Read More

World Youth Day Celebrated as Faith Fest in Bangalore
27th & 28th July 2013 : Nearly 400 Catholic youth and animators from Don Bosco centres (SDB & FMA) in Karnataka participated in the Faith Fest held at Auxilium, Salesian Sisters, Avalahalli, Bangalore, on 27 & 28 July. It was jointly organized by Read More

Rev. Fr.  Anand
Donbosco youth Director

Hosanna Youth

Hosanna Youth, started in 1998, is the youth wing of the Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (BCCRS) formed to specifically attend to the spiritual needs and formation of the youth of Bangalore and onward from here. Rev.Fr.Britto Jacob Cssr, is our Spiritual Director. The composition of the group is youth, students and professionals, from various parished across Bangalore. Members of our group also serve in their respective parishes in various capacities be it in the parish councils or choirs. We meet every Saturday at Holy Cross Fathers, Museum Road for weekly prayer and fellowship. We have conducted and helped at various spiritual programs such at retreats, seminars and conventions in and around Bangalore.

Hosanna youth programme

SPREAD YOUR WINGS is conducting a Stewardship Retreat on the 16th and 17th of March 2013 at NSK.
• Handling Finances   • Budgeting and Planning   • Tithes and Offerings Read More

Robern Martin

Hosanna Youth Co Ordinator

Jesus Youth

Karnataka Campus Meet’13
1st - 3rd November, 2013 : The Karnataka Jesus Youth Campus team organized a regional campus meet for students in Bangalore from the 1st of November to 3rd November 2013 in Christ University, Bangalore. It was a gathering of campus students... Read More

KSLG Report
Karnataka Servant Leaders gathering was organized by the Karnataka Jesus Youth Team on 28th & 29th of June at Ryshivana in Mangalore. A unique blend of prayer and celebration was the core aspect of the programme. Read More

Jomichan P George

Jesus youth coordinator